Chris' Deep Sea Fishing in Monterey Bay

Located on Monterey, California’s historic Fisherman’s Wharf, CHRIS’ FISHING TRIPS is a full service boat chartering company that offers deep sea fishing cruises in the Pacific Ocean waters beyond Monterey Bay.

Established in the 1940’s by Captain Chris Arcoleo, Chris’ Fishing Trips has a crew of highly qualified and experienced skippers with an extensive background in the location of hot fishing spots off the Central California coast. Whether you’re fishing for Cod, Salmon or Albacore, you’ll find the deep sea fishing with CHRIS’ FISHING TRIPS to be an enjoyable experience from the time you leave the wharf until you return.

Fish Count - Monterey Bay

12-16-17All fishing cruises are cancelled. Small Craft Advisory.
12-15-17Limits of Rock Cod & Limits (42) Ling Cod21 AnglersCheck Mate
12-15-171/2 limits of Rock Cod & Limits (32) Ling Cod16 AnglersCaroline
12-14-173/4 limits of Rock Cod & Limits (44) Ling Cod22 AnglersCheck Mate
12-13-173/4 limits of Rock Cod & Limits (16) Ling Cod8 AnglersCheck Mate
12-12-17Limits of Rock Cod & Limits (26) Ling Cod13 AnglersCheck Mate
12-11-17Limits of Rock Cod & Limits (38) Ling Cod19 AnglersCheck Mate
12-10-173/4 limits of Rock Cod, (19) Ling Cod & (1) 30# Halibut18 AnglersCheck Mate
12-10-17Limits of Rock Cod & (27) Ling Cod18 AnglersCaroline
12-10-17Limits of Rock Cod & Limits (54) of Ling Cod27 AnglersStar of Monterey
12-9-17(40) Dungeness Crab, 1/4 limits of Rock Cod & (24) Ling Cod14 AnglersCheck Mate
12-9-17(15) Dungeness Crab, (140) Rock Cod & (8) Ling Cod.19 AnglersCaroline
12-9-17Limits of Rock Cod & (12) Ling Cod27 AnglersStar of Monterey
Our Vessels

Check Mate

The “Check Mate” is 56 foot Blanchard built in Seattle, Washington.

Star of Monterey

The “Star of Monterey” is a 65′ twin screw fiberglass hull built in West Port, Washington



The “Caroline” is a 56′ Delta built in Seattle, Washington

Directions to Fisherman's Wharf
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